First day in a while!


Beautiful weather here in Grand Rapids, i got out an re worked some of the cement rubble and freshened up the yard! Fauna helped as usual, lots of hard work and play.

Below pictured is a post that we ziptied the grapes to. Its been 2 years and yet no grapes! Im optimistic this year maybe the year! 

Working outside has been very missed, during the winter i went hermet. The smell as i dug in the wet partially frozen soil, so good. The sun found its way out here an there. Summer is coming people! Garden time!

Going for a cleaner design this year!!! Got to get some grass for little one to play on!

Enjoy the last of winter from michigan!

Enjoy farmers


Big yeilds! Forever growing!


Hey I gots some new for y’all! Would you look at that pumpkin. Each day it grows more and more, I keep going out and checking on it. Loving it, and hugging it. Oneday that pumpkins going to be shown off, pride and joy. Displayed on the stoop for all to see. That wittle pumpkin started from seed in my closet way back in may.

Would you enjoy wave petunias slightly blowing as your read your book and sip your coffee? Or tea I know some of you probably like that🌾🐿🎃

Grab a green tomatoe an flour it up and fry in some peanut oil:? Oh the savory fried flesh of a green tomatoe with breaded crust.

Pick some tomatoes:? 

Heirloom to be exact.

Sweet red peppers sautéed and tossed in some velveeta cheese, maybe a splash of salsa?:

Go on now get your garden Growing! Enjoy with some company – Give away your extras. Teach your friends and family. Watching things grow from seed to produce is the most rewarding. Then from produce to dinner with a touch of house grown what ever! 

Please enjoy 

Keep smiling 


Reaping the rewards of at home gardening


Hey all just want you to know my tomatoes are looking great! They’re finally starting to turn beautiful colors! 

Get ready because now the yeilds are coming in, all the work of caring and tending is about to pay off! Fresh BLTs, fresh tomatoe sandwiches, fresh nom nom nom nom nom. Get gardening in your backyard and experience the joys!


Heirlooms are fun because they tend to reseed in areas that you’re not expecting a plant. Later you realize wow that’s a tomatoe from last years varietys!

Wow that’s a pepper 

Holy cucumber!

Love you 



Farewell sweet birdies


Today I got ride of my two hens.

The city came down on us.

Goodbye sweet brown eggs,

Goodbye yellow foot cluckers,

Goodbye fertile fertile poo doo,

Goodbye two sweet brown birdies, 

Thankfully they went to good home,

Mikes daughter can tell chickens apart by the color of their eyes. They’ll be joining a flock of 20 and will be right at home. He has lots of land an they’ll be able to run around foraging during the day:) 

City < Country

Farm continues 

We move forward.

Take it easy, always.


Getting shut down by the city. 


Hey all just wanted to let you all know my chickens will be leaving. They are heading to a new home of which I’m not sure yet… I received a letter saying that someone complained I have “more than 6 chickens”. I’ve only had 2 chickens the whole time… On top of that they say that my chickens aren’t registered. 

She says she has a date planned to come through the backyard. I don’t think it works with my schedule. She said she’ll take pictures over my fence, or from a neighbors deck into my yard. 

She said if the coops is there or the feed, she will issue a ticket. I’m getting rid of the birds but I believe it’s not illegal to have garden art.

I don’t know who would state such untrue statements. I don’t want to make my neighbors upset. I just wish whoever complained would’ve confronted me. I would get rid of them promptly. I just want to know the real reason. I would never want my neighbors upset… 

Pictured above is a pumpkin!!!

Say goodbye to my birds. I will get sculptures of chickens to replace them. That structure isn’t going anywhere, it’s garden art and functional art I plan to store tools inside:) 

Stay tuned and stay happy