Gardens beginning y’all! 4/18/16 update¬†

chicken coop, Diy, Spring 2016

This spring things running like rampit my raspberrys are flourishing. My chickens been laying, and the seeds are beginning to boom safely indoors. Until May 18th that’s the last day to be worried about a frost in Grand Rapids, MI.    
Look at them raspberrys!

And my red delicious and golden delicious apple trees are budding. Birds is out and the sun is shinning, There hot dog laying in the dirt!

Please enjoy


The seedlings begin! Starting inside to have a great summer garden! 

Diy, Spring 2016

Hey all! I’m starting to get so excited for the garden this year. I’m saving so much money by doing this! Plus my variety is better than anything the local stores carry! I have purple cherry tomatoes, black krin tomatoes, corn that’s multi colored, and many more.    
I’d love to open a fruit stand but don’t wanna have to fight the city. C-S-ers… Oh well I’m going to supply friends and family. Keep the ones you love close, and healthy.

Stay tuned baby

Thanks y’all

Starting my summer garden plants inside!

Spring 2016

I spent to much last year on pre sprouted plants. This year I bought seeds all via Amazon! I sprouted in roots organics potting soil in these lil itty bitty sprouting trays I also got on amazon!

It’s only a month early so hopefully I’m not doing it too late…

Hope you can read the names! I have a lot of variety and am surely getting more!

My spooky pumpkins will be fun. I’m interested in trying to grow the largest pumpkins, And hopefully one day this blog will lay host to that. These spooky pumpkins are super unique!!

Thanks all! Please enjoy my short worded picture filled blog.

Cleaning up a winters mess!

Spring 2016

Been out here working and cleaning up the yard. I let it get really bad this winter and finally found some good weather to cleanup! I’d say I have a truckload of junk to goto the dump!    
Birds are happy and Laying!

 Plenty of cleanup to still do, I also have to repair the fense it seems to have shifted from original position. Nothing a few reinforced beams won’t cure.

Everything’s beginning to pop up! I can’t wait to get the garden going! Day Lilly’s and hostas and a few other things are starting to show!


Get out and get dirty

Thanks all

Spring has sprung! Buds are out! Birds are back! Happy Easter!

Spring 2016

 Hey all wanted to wish y’all a very merry Easter! And keep ya in the loop on this years garden! My raspberrys are already beginning to bud and show new growth! I’m super hype about them. This year I’d like to double the amount of berrys in my backyard maybe even triple! 


My day Lilly’s are coming in as well I can’t wait for the big blooms!   
Enjoy this great day were having 


Happy gardening! 


news, Spring 2016

Springs on y’all! I know it’s early but I’m full blown spring already! Planning the yard out want to add a retaining wall that will also have a fense to keep my dogs from stomping all my foods!

This years going to bigger than ever my whole backyard will be a garden! I’m planting grains this year to try to lower cost of feed for chickens. As well as adding additional Berrie bushes. I have a plethora of new heirloom tomatoe seeds! Sunflowers!! The 6ft Giants!!! So stay tuned cause all this restaurant reviewing bullish is about to stop! 


Compost just tearing it up, year by year this place will grow and become. I strongly urge you to follow if you aren’t already. This is going to get wild! Going to borrow a truck and get rid of winter trash that seems to have accumulated with the remodel. 

Stay tuned

As I write this in sitting out back and the first mosquitos of the year are pestering me. Gosh dang mosquitos… Prolly better than some things… 

Happy spring 

Be easy

Stay tuned