Beautiful Michigan


While your working a lot and consistently growing. Remember to take time off and treat yourself. Remember to love those close to you, don’t forget to let them know. Say I love you, put your best foot forward, Play and love yourself. Life’s too short, short life’s filled with hugs and kisses are better. Wear your heart on your sleeve, take chances and follow your heart.

Remember to stay focused on what you need to do to get where you want to be. Clouds come and go pay no attention to them, I love all of you.



Garden Update Video 4/24/16

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Hey all here’s a little something i put together to help you view what i’m working with.

The coop is built with 4X4’s and then some scrap 2X6’s and scrap 2X3’s. all the walls are scraps and pieces ive accumilated along the road and from other jobs. so far the paint seems nice but im going to put shingle roof on it soon.


My visit to Gravity Taphouse – elegantly delicious 


Good day, had a chance to check out the newer Gravity Taphouse on Grand Rapids north east side. Good atmosphere and good staff make relaxing and enjoying easy. I got a Perrin black I know way to change things up hahah!

Ceased salad

Beer fuandue 

Very good food

My boy got the steak the Diablo steak or something like that, it was a ribeye that looked tasty. Steak came with big chunk of butter a top!! Mmmmm

Enjoy yours☀️ 

Knapps Corner P.F. Changs review 


Hey y’all just wanted to make a post about the P.F. Change on east beltline. Wanted to let y’all know about the fantastic drinks and awesome crew they’ve got!! Our server Megan was fantastic and she made sure to keep our waters full and friends satisfied! I can’t safely reccommend this place to anyone it’s absolutely delicious my buddy’s a cook and says they treat him right and cook great quality cuts. And I can second that! Love it

Treat yourself

Onions Beginning To Sprout


Theyre coming!!! Thanks to my green house keeping these babys safe at night. we should be getting an early yeild! well see, potatoes are also coming up! Stay tuned more coming soon!!!


onions sprouting

onions begging to sp