Farm Update: it’s cold and heavy snow 3/1/16

chicken coop, fauna, Winter 2015

Eh yoo we got blasted all today with about 6 inches of heavy wet snow. Cleared a nice path to the chicken coop which has been surprisingly yielding well. My to hens the best. Can’t wait for summer though they really need a new fresh coop:)  

 My pup will run and frolic through the snow chasing her bone! She’s too good to me, no back talk non of that! 

Supposed to be 60 F next week so that sounds pleasant. My birds in the coop loving it! Nice heat lamp and hay to roast they tushes. 

Looking into coop designs where I can enjoy beauty of watching egg laying creatures, but where my pups can’t. If you guys have any ideas let me know, I got two naughty hounds who’d love to feast. 

Enjoy yours


Toilet flood – Category 3 water damage!

news, Re-organization, Winter 2015

Hey all been hard at work this week, had a toilet malfunction recently. Dirty water went through the whole home practically, 550 sq ft of contaminated flooring. After lifting the ruined laminent flooring I found a whole another floor that was also contaminated and holding moisture.

   Worst of all the tiles contain asbestos. But don’t worry about me they’re coming out. 

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Toilet ran for maybe 50 mins I estimate, I was busy painting jamming music and walked into a bathroom with and inch of water in the floors:(

Insurance is so pleasant when it comes in handy in very blessed to have had it.

Correction: they’re pleasant at first and then turn in to huge….

Regardless my insurance  always wants to act like your a measly mouse. An they the big bad cat… I had to be persistant to get fair compensation for losses. An they’ll get upset but be persistant

And then make sure you have a beer to unwind.


Stay alright

My visit to Frederick Meijer Gardens escaping from winter 

Winter 2015

Went into the local botanical garden to see what it’s all about. my brother has a membership for him plus one I thought hell yeah let’s go.  

I hadn’t been there since my 4-5 th grade field trip. It was awe inspiring to see all the beauty in such a tiny space.

Waterfalls and birds, an air thickened with water, fresh aromas of a balanced peace.  

The annual butterfly release is coming up on march 1st they’ll be releasing 7,000 butterfly’s! I plan to be at that.   

If you get the membership card you can just come here and hang out amongst all the life. No place to be one day just spend it in a massive green house! 


 As always enjoy,

Be careful ordering seeds on Amazon.

news, Winter 2015

Hey y’all I’ve been building quite the supply of seed that I’m planning on growing this spring. Seeds all ordered on most of the ones I get a good from companies in Ohio and Denver. Beware though a few Asian seed companies are on there too. I’ve gotten a few seed from them, various types. While long story short I got this package the other day from Singapore. The package was opened and recealed with border protection sticker. Inside was a notice to the adressee:

I had no idea it was coming from Singapore, and no idea I was doing anything wrong. I guess they wanted me to have permits? Or maybe you can’t ship plant material like that?

Material in question is:

  • Cathamus seeds
  • Lavandula seeds

Be alert, be alert, haha 

Have a great day and make sure your ordering seeds from reputable seed banks…

Chocolate lab x Walker treeing coonhound

fauna, Winter 2015

 Hey this is my girl fauna she’s a good lil pup, she enjoys piles of junk, digging holes, eating chickens, and squashing plants! She’s sure loves the garden and all it brings. She enjoys fresh meals from the compost, she enjoys chicken eggs I drop by accident, she enjoys bumblebees and butterfly’s, she loves the garden.

Soon she will be three whole years old! Where does the time go? Holy smokes enough reading and bullish look at her breed and get any that’s remotely close to these breeds. She’s a wily dog 


Thank you

Collecting scraps for chickens to eat

chicken coop, Winter 2015

Hey all one thing I do at my farm is I reach out to friends and family to collect scraps for my birds. Everything counts and of its rotten I’ll just throw it in my compost. It’s easy once they get a bucket to fill up for you. Or maybe they grab it from work. I’ve brought home scraps from plenty of restaurants! Hears a little bit of a treat for my chickens, cucumber and celery scraps! Mmmmm!!!


This is a nice touch to a normally boring diet.

Testing your tap water to make sure your city isn’t poisoning you – like Flint Michigan 

news, Winter 2015

Hey y’all I’m sure you have all heard about the Flint water crisis by now. Being that I live 110 miles west I assume it could happen here. The merky brown water I saw them holding was disgusting. I know my waters not that bad but regardless I went online and purchased the test. I’m planning on following up with a lab if results are not good. But over all feeling very optimistic.     

 I’m not saying Grand Rapids is a bad city more like when’s the last time you checked their work? Haha we’ll see how they do. 😉