Garden update 7/12/16: production is booming 


Walked into the garden this evening, it’s been a while since I’ve paid much attention to it. My hose timer watering them every morning keeps my work load low! Holy heirloom tomatoes!! I’m yielding baby! 

Go ahead an try to compare home grown to store bought. 

Pictured about is one clustered bed garden, I ran out of cinder blocks but planning to get another pallet next spring. It’s going to get immensely better, other worldly.

More borage flowers than I’ve ever seen, so many bees! Plant some if you never have.

Raspberries producing steady, might be peaking soon.



Heirloom Tomatoe

Raspberries by the cup full each day! Plants growing enormous, going to split them and split them they grow so well here! I want blackberries though, there’s always tomorrow.

Letttus sprouting!

My heirloom pumpkins! I also am battling the rabbits I hope to win, may begin trapping them and relocating them elsewhere. They aren’t that bad though with the dogs around.

Please enjoy


I love you.



Beautiful Michigan


While your working a lot and consistently growing. Remember to take time off and treat yourself. Remember to love those close to you, don’t forget to let them know. Say I love you, put your best foot forward, Play and love yourself. Life’s too short, short life’s filled with hugs and kisses are better. Wear your heart on your sleeve, take chances and follow your heart.

Remember to stay focused on what you need to do to get where you want to be. Clouds come and go pay no attention to them, I love all of you.


Raspberries, tomatoes, borage, and lilies 


Howdy! How are y’all! Long time no talk. Check out what I’ve been doing! Picking the freshest berries, watching my tomatoes grow, keeping honeybees interested with my borage flowers! 



Stay tuned year by year were getting bigger badder and better! 


Building my compost to be something of strength and performance.

Compost Pile, garden

Hey all I just thought I’d share a few pics of my compost pile. It’s really florishing right now, I dump scraps in it so frequently its loving life. Bannana leaves, strawberry ends, egg shells, pumpkins , celery heads, cucberskins. Then my worms come along and just divour that into fertile fertil castings!

Smashed thirty pumpkins in it last year and now they’re sprouting!!! May tossed them under but might keep a few as I like pumpkins and mysteries of which kind it could be.

Start your compost pal

Be easy


Let the blooms come 


Raspberries are tearing it up for the second year! Can’t believe it I’ve started breaking them apart and spreading I want MORE. haha you’ll find me making a dinner out of them come harvest time. 

Borage pictured below is about to bloom I remember it being taller in the past gardens I’ve had. We will see:) beautiful blue bee loving flowers.

Holy tomato blossoms! 

Cilantro just killing the game, would you look at that thing grow! I love cilantro on fresh tacos! Too delicious!

How’s your garden??

Enjoy this weekend 


A Glimpse Into an Urbangarden

chicken coop, Compost Pile, garden

Intro for those new, this is the garden we started a year and a couple months ago. We had an old coop, now we got a new one, had no walls now we do have walls, soils slightly better and growing as the compost is fattening. Check out all the worms in my compost, I use red wigglers. Stay tuned it’s going to get real country.

Below is my tomato planter I have a variety of tomatoes. Behind them is a stump planter with wave petunias. Dragged the stump from a river and it was hollowed. 

My chickens pictured below are very very good to me, I get 2 eggs a day…change their water and feed them very often. 

Get them and keep them happy and they will provide for you.

Fresh cilantro enjoyed last night for dinner, the first yeild of this years garden. Very very good.

Borage flowers that have yet to bloom very early, the flowers attract many bees and can be eaten as well. Many places use as a garnish.

The garden becomes peaceful when dusk rolls in, nice place to enjoy a good book, or relax with the birds.

Green beans seem to be growing well after getting in too early this year. 

This is my compost pile. The key to good soil, as mentioned earlier, is red wigglers in the pile actively feasting on all the good scraps.

The goal is to grow what you eat, grow more than you can eat and give to those who you love.