Getting shut down by the city. 


Hey all just wanted to let you all know my chickens will be leaving. They are heading to a new home of which I’m not sure yet… I received a letter saying that someone complained I have “more than 6 chickens”. I’ve only had 2 chickens the whole time… On top of that they say that my chickens aren’t registered. 

She says she has a date planned to come through the backyard. I don’t think it works with my schedule. She said she’ll take pictures over my fence, or from a neighbors deck into my yard. 

She said if the coops is there or the feed, she will issue a ticket. I’m getting rid of the birds but I believe it’s not illegal to have garden art.

I don’t know who would state such untrue statements. I don’t want to make my neighbors upset. I just wish whoever complained would’ve confronted me. I would get rid of them promptly. I just want to know the real reason. I would never want my neighbors upset… 

Pictured above is a pumpkin!!!

Say goodbye to my birds. I will get sculptures of chickens to replace them. That structure isn’t going anywhere, it’s garden art and functional art I plan to store tools inside:) 

Stay tuned and stay happy



Painting the chicken coop:)

chicken coop

Hey y’all last post was getting filled up with pictures, but it’s almost there you guys and girls. This is going to look very nice I’m going to trick it out with a nice paint job. I’m telling y’all! Just wait the coops ight in terms of wood work. But the paint job will blow ya away when I’m finally done.


 Not done yet just the start!



Collecting scraps for chickens to eat

chicken coop, Winter 2015

Hey all one thing I do at my farm is I reach out to friends and family to collect scraps for my birds. Everything counts and of its rotten I’ll just throw it in my compost. It’s easy once they get a bucket to fill up for you. Or maybe they grab it from work. I’ve brought home scraps from plenty of restaurants! Hears a little bit of a treat for my chickens, cucumber and celery scraps! Mmmmm!!!


This is a nice touch to a normally boring diet.

reward your hard work with a egg scramble!

Winter 2015

When working hard keeping chickens it’s important to reward yourself with a couple eggs! I love not having to shop for eggs and have them come home broke. All I do it clean poop, an feed and water, put the poop in my compost pile. Let the cycle keep going:) 

all so did was wisk 2 eggs and season with garlic pepper and garlic salt! And of course a touch of ketchup!

Birds are laying a little less now but I’d say with the 2 hens I’m getting about 1 egg a day. It’s currently about 30 degrees F at night

Why don’t you go out back and look for eggs?