Grapevines, cilantro, and compost!

Compost Pile, garden

I bought these grape vines 2-3 years ago and put them at my parents. Since the vines haven’t really taken off yet they’ve been moved and battered. Finally I think I’ve found a spot they’ll do good!

They are growing up my wood made structure im sure there’s a name for it but for now we’ll call it a topiary. 

Look at my compost pile tearing it up!!! Just a hustling through my shreds of scrap and forming Rich fertile soil!!!

And my cilantro and just kicking in gear! We’ve had a few storms and the thunder and lightning really treated them right! They’re kicking it out! 

Please enjoy 


My visit to Frederick Meijer Gardens escaping from winter 

Winter 2015

Went into the local botanical garden to see what it’s all about. my brother has a membership for him plus one I thought hell yeah let’s go.  

I hadn’t been there since my 4-5 th grade field trip. It was awe inspiring to see all the beauty in such a tiny space.

Waterfalls and birds, an air thickened with water, fresh aromas of a balanced peace.  

The annual butterfly release is coming up on march 1st they’ll be releasing 7,000 butterfly’s! I plan to be at that.   

If you get the membership card you can just come here and hang out amongst all the life. No place to be one day just spend it in a massive green house! 


 As always enjoy,