VIDEO: New Chicken Coop


Hey yall just want to share my new chicken coop video since i got them all moved in this last week. please enjoy and question and comment. Thinking about ordering 1-2 chicks to get a few more eggs:)

Farm on yall




Chicken keeping in Michigan

chicken coop, Compost Pile, fauna

 Hey all I wanted to let you all know how my birds are doing. They’re very swell I keep getting plenty o eggs. Also I’m reaping the chicken scat for my compost so fire! But here’s pics and comments welcome.  

My beautiful puppy’s love it!


Farm update: Spring is here! Eggs and 65F 

chicken coop, Compost Pile, Spring 2016

Hey y’all take a look at the farm! We’ve had goergous weather it was 65 all day today! Ever since the Groundhog Day, I’ve been getting eggs!


Put a quick toss on my compost pile and wafted up some odors. Something best kept down. But the corn husk make it tougher to turn and I threw in the towel. Need more composting!
So pretty nice!

Taker easy!