Getting shut down by the city. 


Hey all just wanted to let you all know my chickens will be leaving. They are heading to a new home of which I’m not sure yet… I received a letter saying that someone complained I have “more than 6 chickens”. I’ve only had 2 chickens the whole time… On top of that they say that my chickens aren’t registered. 

She says she has a date planned to come through the backyard. I don’t think it works with my schedule. She said she’ll take pictures over my fence, or from a neighbors deck into my yard. 

She said if the coops is there or the feed, she will issue a ticket. I’m getting rid of the birds but I believe it’s not illegal to have garden art.

I don’t know who would state such untrue statements. I don’t want to make my neighbors upset. I just wish whoever complained would’ve confronted me. I would get rid of them promptly. I just want to know the real reason. I would never want my neighbors upset… 

Pictured above is a pumpkin!!!

Say goodbye to my birds. I will get sculptures of chickens to replace them. That structure isn’t going anywhere, it’s garden art and functional art I plan to store tools inside:) 

Stay tuned and stay happy



Raspberries flowering, tomatoes flowering, sunflowers growing, everything’s beginning!


Holy moly I noticed my tomatoes flowering already!!! And then I look at my raspberries and they’re flowering too! I’m so excited y’all as it keeps growing this place will yield and yeilds and yeild.

Don’t let the grocery store have you.

Got these ferns from a good friends mom she was so sweet to lend me them. Can’t wait until next year when they come back so full. Ferns are rarely seen in the city. They’d prolly call them blight. Good all ordinances coming to the rescue!

Look at them raspberrys^^Anyways there’s my pictures for y’all! Please comment message and share!!! Love y’all


Garden update 5/25/16


Things are going swell I truly believe Summer’s here now, my girl loves sand baths in the summers sun. Her and I have been plugging away! Pay days this week so I’m hoping to get a lot more plants installed. 

One of my followers reccomended reaching out to a tree service company for free mulch. It just so happens my neighbor owns a company hat does that. He’s always hauling a big chipper with him. I went to chat with him yesterday and he said some time this week or next hes going to give me a whole trailer full! It’s not the decrotive mulch with dyes and what not. It’s the natural! I’m so hype once I get that spread you all just wait!

Pictured above is my herb box, cilantro and basil doing good! Parsley is in there somewhere too. I didn’t know this but cilantro will begin to flower and seed and the seeds are actually a different spice. The seeds are called coriander, I had no idea hahahah!! Please share anything you think of as I’m new to this whole thing too!
Please enjoy stay swift and be easy baby.


Building chickens their new chicken coop! DIY 

chicken coop, Diy

So my birds been living good but just not as lavishly as I try to provide. I’m in the middle of making them a new home. Something that can house them safely and provide a stable foundation for their family. Over the last months I’ve been searching coops and drawing coops playing with different designs. Check it:


I’ll have to keep y’all posted and put more pictures up when it’s complete. It’s really coming along nicely, I hope they like it:)



If you ain’t bleeding your doing something wrong  

My sand monster there hahaha

Eh be swift now

Farm Update: it’s cold and heavy snow 3/1/16

chicken coop, fauna, Winter 2015

Eh yoo we got blasted all today with about 6 inches of heavy wet snow. Cleared a nice path to the chicken coop which has been surprisingly yielding well. My to hens the best. Can’t wait for summer though they really need a new fresh coop:)  

 My pup will run and frolic through the snow chasing her bone! She’s too good to me, no back talk non of that! 

Supposed to be 60 F next week so that sounds pleasant. My birds in the coop loving it! Nice heat lamp and hay to roast they tushes. 

Looking into coop designs where I can enjoy beauty of watching egg laying creatures, but where my pups can’t. If you guys have any ideas let me know, I got two naughty hounds who’d love to feast. 

Enjoy yours

Farm update 11/14/15

Fall 2015

Still getting tomatoes in Michigan!! Doing good I got this heat lamp out there in their coop! For about 5 eggs today when I checked the coop

Also dug up some potatoes! They’re fantastic lil treats I can’t wait to cook them up. Some monster red pontiacs!  

Thanks again and stay healthy my friend