Farewell sweet birdies


Today I got ride of my two hens.

The city came down on us.

Goodbye sweet brown eggs,

Goodbye yellow foot cluckers,

Goodbye fertile fertile poo doo,

Goodbye two sweet brown birdies, 

Thankfully they went to good home,

Mikes daughter can tell chickens apart by the color of their eyes. They’ll be joining a flock of 20 and will be right at home. He has lots of land an they’ll be able to run around foraging during the day:) 

City < Country

Farm continues 

We move forward.

Take it easy, always.



Chicken keeping in Michigan

chicken coop, Compost Pile, fauna

 Hey all I wanted to let you all know how my birds are doing. They’re very swell I keep getting plenty o eggs. Also I’m reaping the chicken scat for my compost so fire! But here’s pics and comments welcome.  

My beautiful puppy’s love it!


Collecting scraps for chickens to eat

chicken coop, Winter 2015

Hey all one thing I do at my farm is I reach out to friends and family to collect scraps for my birds. Everything counts and of its rotten I’ll just throw it in my compost. It’s easy once they get a bucket to fill up for you. Or maybe they grab it from work. I’ve brought home scraps from plenty of restaurants! Hears a little bit of a treat for my chickens, cucumber and celery scraps! Mmmmm!!!


This is a nice touch to a normally boring diet.