Garden Update Video 4/24/16

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Hey all here’s a little something i put together to help you view what i’m working with.

The coop is built with 4X4’s and then some scrap 2X6’s and scrap 2X3’s. all the walls are scraps and pieces ive accumilated along the road and from other jobs. so far the paint seems nice but im going to put shingle roof on it soon.



Painting the chicken coop:)

chicken coop

Hey y’all last post was getting filled up with pictures, but it’s almost there you guys and girls. This is going to look very nice I’m going to trick it out with a nice paint job. I’m telling y’all! Just wait the coops ight in terms of wood work. But the paint job will blow ya away when I’m finally done.


 Not done yet just the start!



Building chickens their new chicken coop! DIY 

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So my birds been living good but just not as lavishly as I try to provide. I’m in the middle of making them a new home. Something that can house them safely and provide a stable foundation for their family. Over the last months I’ve been searching coops and drawing coops playing with different designs. Check it:


I’ll have to keep y’all posted and put more pictures up when it’s complete. It’s really coming along nicely, I hope they like it:)



If you ain’t bleeding your doing something wrong  

My sand monster there hahaha

Eh be swift now

Chicken keeping in Michigan

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 Hey all I wanted to let you all know how my birds are doing. They’re very swell I keep getting plenty o eggs. Also I’m reaping the chicken scat for my compost so fire! But here’s pics and comments welcome.  

My beautiful puppy’s love it!


Chicken coop expansion:) 

Summer 2015

Welcome to the chicken coop! It features beautiful custom brick and mortar walls for protections, 1 nesting box, a covered enclosure, as well as and outdoor run! And did I mention running water!! These chickens are living good now!   

  Hay floors^^  
More pictures than words 
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