Funny how much of a different mulch can make in your garden.


As you know I’ve been working steady on this puppy cleaning it up. I’m very pleased my brothers been telling me to put it at the base of each plant too so it helps them to retain moisture. Once I get some money here I’m going to get a couple yards delivered to the house. I love the look it creates:)

Look at that junk pile shhhhh don’t tell the city! I promise it won’t be there long.

But yeah steady trucking wins the race:)



Video: Red Wiggler Worms working in a Compost Pile

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Hey ever since I started “Lenny’s Worm Farm” ive always been interested in the ways worms play a vital role in gardening. When I started this compost pile a year ago I knew it needed red wigglers, a breed of worm known for its ability to eat and munch on all the good scraps and produce worm castings. I bought 200 and released them hoping for a good turnout. and now I can say I think its happening there are tons of worms in my pile. Oh they just love me ❤

please enjoy this brief video:


VIDEO: First of The Plants In the Ground, Garden 2016

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It’s finally time, I brought my plants out from the indoor closet set up I crafted together. and let them into the environment. I wish I had eased them into it because I fear the cold nights my stress them out a little bit. I also wish I had invested in some topsoil + cow manure to fertilize before planting. Anyways it is what it is you live you learn.

Keep it real all.

VIDEO: New Chicken Coop


Hey yall just want to share my new chicken coop video since i got them all moved in this last week. please enjoy and question and comment. Thinking about ordering 1-2 chicks to get a few more eggs:)

Farm on yall



Building chickens their new chicken coop! DIY 

chicken coop, Diy

So my birds been living good but just not as lavishly as I try to provide. I’m in the middle of making them a new home. Something that can house them safely and provide a stable foundation for their family. Over the last months I’ve been searching coops and drawing coops playing with different designs. Check it:


I’ll have to keep y’all posted and put more pictures up when it’s complete. It’s really coming along nicely, I hope they like it:)



If you ain’t bleeding your doing something wrong  

My sand monster there hahaha

Eh be swift now

Cleaning up a winters mess!

Spring 2016

Been out here working and cleaning up the yard. I let it get really bad this winter and finally found some good weather to cleanup! I’d say I have a truckload of junk to goto the dump!    
Birds are happy and Laying!

 Plenty of cleanup to still do, I also have to repair the fense it seems to have shifted from original position. Nothing a few reinforced beams won’t cure.

Everything’s beginning to pop up! I can’t wait to get the garden going! Day Lilly’s and hostas and a few other things are starting to show!


Get out and get dirty

Thanks all

Compost is composting as planned should be good year!

Compost Pile, Spring 2016

Hey all so o started this compost pile a year ago, since then my roommate and I have been filling it with all sorts of goodness! I grab scrap from work as well, crazy all the recylcling you can do.

Really is looking good I pulled the corn husk a side for a secondary pile, because it just wasn’t working with them mixed in. You’ll want to turn the pile fairly often an let it sit fairly often. Very good microbes going on in there going to really help boost my plants.

Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm 500 Count Red Wiggler Live Composting Worms

The red wigglers I released are doing well! And starting to multiply. Redwigglers are a breed of worm that produces worm castings the fasted! They lay cocoons lil egg things that hatch into three worms! They breed and breed and keep making Rich fertile castings.


Wow almost all the pumpkins from last fall have completely disappeared. Only to reappear as delicious fertile soil!