Video: Red Wiggler Worms working in a Compost Pile

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Hey ever since I started “Lenny’s Worm Farm” ive always been interested in the ways worms play a vital role in gardening. When I started this compost pile a year ago I knew it needed red wigglers, a breed of worm known for its ability to eat and munch on all the good scraps and produce worm castings. I bought 200 and released them hoping for a good turnout. and now I can say I think its happening there are tons of worms in my pile. Oh they just love me ❤

please enjoy this brief video:



Gardens beginning y’all! 4/18/16 update 

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This spring things running like rampit my raspberrys are flourishing. My chickens been laying, and the seeds are beginning to boom safely indoors. Until May 18th that’s the last day to be worried about a frost in Grand Rapids, MI.    
Look at them raspberrys!

And my red delicious and golden delicious apple trees are budding. Birds is out and the sun is shinning, There hot dog laying in the dirt!

Please enjoy

DIY Custom Garden Patio-Path

Summer 2015

Needing some more patio space out side, i turned to my chunks of concrete i found buried earlier this year. first i laid them out and adjusted and got them how i wanted. Then i spread mortar powder all through them with a broom. Prolly would advise you mix it properly.


But it filled it only some much so i figured well thats a nice base layer. My boy and i went back at it this weekand and really tricked the mugg out!

used the Quickcrete Motar:  Crack Resistant Pro




Thanks For Looking

Get Growing

Brush Burn + New Tomatoes

Summer 2015

Lots going on at the farm, we’ve been cutting back some over grown trees and creating a lush space for birds and squirells to come hang. but all that brush has to go somewhere. PitFire! The City of course has ordanances on fires but rather than getting in to semantics here are my pictures. enjoy and garden on.



pitfire 2


All my brush burned safetly and heavily supervised. Do not perform anything in picture without consulting a lawyer and officer of your area. thankx now look at these new tomatoes










Onions Beginning To Sprout


Theyre coming!!! Thanks to my green house keeping these babys safe at night. we should be getting an early yeild! well see, potatoes are also coming up! Stay tuned more coming soon!!!


onions sprouting

onions begging to sp

Change of thoughts we gotta get in the ground

Summer 2015

Been planning mapping things out and prepping to get the earliest start. Decided to get the onions and potatoes in the ground yesterday! Hoping that the last frost is past, who knows maybe ill be out there tarping them off at night.

plantings below are (left – right) Yellow Onions, White Onions, Red Pontiac Potatoes, and another row of Red Pontiac Potatoes!





Getting exciting!

Also been prepping my chicken coop as Grand Rapids just approved the Chickens for a 2 year trial run! Just pay $50 the first year and $10 every year after. What ever…

stay tuned