Reaping the rewards of at home gardening


Hey all just want you to know my tomatoes are looking great! They’re finally starting to turn beautiful colors! 

Get ready because now the yeilds are coming in, all the work of caring and tending is about to pay off! Fresh BLTs, fresh tomatoe sandwiches, fresh nom nom nom nom nom. Get gardening in your backyard and experience the joys!


Heirlooms are fun because they tend to reseed in areas that you’re not expecting a plant. Later you realize wow that’s a tomatoe from last years varietys!

Wow that’s a pepper 

Holy cucumber!

Love you 




Gardens beginning y’all! 4/18/16 update¬†

chicken coop, Diy, Spring 2016

This spring things running like rampit my raspberrys are flourishing. My chickens been laying, and the seeds are beginning to boom safely indoors. Until May 18th that’s the last day to be worried about a frost in Grand Rapids, MI.    
Look at them raspberrys!

And my red delicious and golden delicious apple trees are budding. Birds is out and the sun is shinning, There hot dog laying in the dirt!

Please enjoy

Starting my summer garden plants inside!

Spring 2016

I spent to much last year on pre sprouted plants. This year I bought seeds all via Amazon! I sprouted in roots organics potting soil in these lil itty bitty sprouting trays I also got on amazon!

It’s only a month early so hopefully I’m not doing it too late…

Hope you can read the names! I have a lot of variety and am surely getting more!

My spooky pumpkins will be fun. I’m interested in trying to grow the largest pumpkins, And hopefully one day this blog will lay host to that. These spooky pumpkins are super unique!!

Thanks all! Please enjoy my short worded picture filled blog.

Chicken keeping in Michigan

chicken coop, Compost Pile, fauna

 Hey all I wanted to let you all know how my birds are doing. They’re very swell I keep getting plenty o eggs. Also I’m reaping the chicken scat for my compost so fire! But here’s pics and comments welcome.  

My beautiful puppy’s love it!


Can you say Smoked Turkey?

food, Winter 2015

Welcome all here’s a little food porn for ya. This turkey was deliciousness in a bottle. Hickory wood smoke glazed this absolutely dank meal. Pics say more check em out   
 And then there’s these wings I been doing on the stove top so far so good!

If you cooking to share it!

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