Reaping the rewards of at home gardening


Hey all just want you to know my tomatoes are looking great! They’re finally starting to turn beautiful colors! 

Get ready because now the yeilds are coming in, all the work of caring and tending is about to pay off! Fresh BLTs, fresh tomatoe sandwiches, fresh nom nom nom nom nom. Get gardening in your backyard and experience the joys!


Heirlooms are fun because they tend to reseed in areas that you’re not expecting a plant. Later you realize wow that’s a tomatoe from last years varietys!

Wow that’s a pepper 

Holy cucumber!

Love you 




Raspberries flowering, tomatoes flowering, sunflowers growing, everything’s beginning!


Holy moly I noticed my tomatoes flowering already!!! And then I look at my raspberries and they’re flowering too! I’m so excited y’all as it keeps growing this place will yield and yeilds and yeild.

Don’t let the grocery store have you.

Got these ferns from a good friends mom she was so sweet to lend me them. Can’t wait until next year when they come back so full. Ferns are rarely seen in the city. They’d prolly call them blight. Good all ordinances coming to the rescue!

Look at them raspberrys^^Anyways there’s my pictures for y’all! Please comment message and share!!! Love y’all


Talking about eggs in December!

Winter 2015

Holy smokes I thought I’d never be getting the kind of eggs I am for this time of year. I was feeling a little broke this week and checked Wednesday for some eggs. Nothing was there, then I checked today which is three days later! And there were 6 eggs !! December has been great weather, practically 60 degrees! Come to Michigan SEE OUR QUALITYS AND LEAVE OUR WATER! Sorry not sorry

Michigan’s sweet shores (Grand Haven, MI)

Well we’re eating good! 

Summer 2015

It’s the things you always forget that the garden has. Run to the store why when you can go out back. Outdoors and living good:)

My world is your world

Thank you

Chicken coop expansion:) 

Summer 2015

Welcome to the chicken coop! It features beautiful custom brick and mortar walls for protections, 1 nesting box, a covered enclosure, as well as and outdoor run! And did I mention running water!! These chickens are living good now!   

  Hay floors^^  
More pictures than words 
DIY Chicken Coops: The Complete Guide To Building Your Own Chicken Coop