Worms in the compost!!

Compost Pile, Winter 2015

So I cleaned the coop out yesterday all the chicken floor was fine fine brown powder! I scooped out about 3 buckets full and put on the compost pile! So you know I gave it a good tossing and realized I’ve got tons of worms out there. This compost is going to be great by spring! Literally tossed it 4 times and saw zillions of these worms I put in the summer time. The worms feed on my food waste and poop out worm castings! Worm castings along with the micro organisms all create a fertile soil. I’m so glad cause I put these worms in the summer and never saw them but now they’re flourishing. Redwigglers is the breed of worms I like to compost with, they work the fastest. And breed like worms, they lay things called pods frequent as heck, and then each pod can produce up to three worms! I’ll try to look the numbers up again. But trust me it’s worth it to add them to your comspost pile!

Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm 500 Count Red Wiggler Live Composting Worms

Munch munch munch!



Compost keeps on going!!

Compost Pile, Fall 2015

I brought home these rotten pumpkins just knowing theyd be great for the compost! if i keep feeding it like this its going to be one heck of a pile come spring. release red wiggler worms into it earlier this year but when they came in the mail they seemed un living. hoping if i get more that are healthier maybe ill be able to get worms out the pile and go fishing!


Anyways keep it real