Reaping the rewards of at home gardening


Hey all just want you to know my tomatoes are looking great! They’re finally starting to turn beautiful colors! 

Get ready because now the yeilds are coming in, all the work of caring and tending is about to pay off! Fresh BLTs, fresh tomatoe sandwiches, fresh nom nom nom nom nom. Get gardening in your backyard and experience the joys!


Heirlooms are fun because they tend to reseed in areas that you’re not expecting a plant. Later you realize wow that’s a tomatoe from last years varietys!

Wow that’s a pepper 

Holy cucumber!

Love you 




First accumulated snowfall in Grand Rapids MI

Winter 2015

Well I knew it’d happen soon! This weekends been a wintry wonderland so much that i had to check out the city. Snows got my fauna excited to go tramping through it!

Had to put hay around my blue berrys don’t want them to get shocked.

 Oh and the chickens egg production has slowed down now. But I got one yesterday and one today! 
Have a splendid weekand

Tomatoes all pulled out! Cleaning up the garden is nice!

Summer 2015

well got tired of looking a some real weak tomatoes today. Raked it nice, dogs couldn’t help but wrestle there haha 


Thru all that bull ish on the compost pile out back! Only going to get better an better now. 


Fresh eating and new bamboo transplants!

Summer 2015

 I been making sandwiches lately, below is a cream cheese brat sandwich. Tasty fresh lunch followed by two dogs. Then I managed to plant the bamboo transplants, those we’ll grow to be 7 feet tall and look just jungleriffic for Michigan!   


This bamboo is just barely zoned in our regional zone. Hopefully is sticks. It’s always qualified under the invasive species list! Can’t wait!!!


Calcutta bamboo 25 seeds – Dendrocalamus strictus – iron bamboo

Notice the bamboo on left of gate^^

Thnks yall!

Friday night update 7/10/15

Summer 2015

been good at the farm, lots of jalapeƱo peppers. Been making great tacos lately. Our cilantro is tapering off and flowering more now.

But wow the tomatoes are just whooping some @&$. You know we heavy yeilding.

Anyways as always eff reading here’s some pictures.


Peace out