Big yeilds! Forever growing!


Hey I gots some new for y’all! Would you look at that pumpkin. Each day it grows more and more, I keep going out and checking on it. Loving it, and hugging it. Oneday that pumpkins going to be shown off, pride and joy. Displayed on the stoop for all to see. That wittle pumpkin started from seed in my closet way back in may.

Would you enjoy wave petunias slightly blowing as your read your book and sip your coffee? Or tea I know some of you probably like that🌾🐿🎃

Grab a green tomatoe an flour it up and fry in some peanut oil:? Oh the savory fried flesh of a green tomatoe with breaded crust.

Pick some tomatoes:? 

Heirloom to be exact.

Sweet red peppers sautéed and tossed in some velveeta cheese, maybe a splash of salsa?:

Go on now get your garden Growing! Enjoy with some company – Give away your extras. Teach your friends and family. Watching things grow from seed to produce is the most rewarding. Then from produce to dinner with a touch of house grown what ever! 

Please enjoy 

Keep smiling 



Planting Blueberry Plants in Michigan


I ordered these blueberries last fall from starks brothers. So far this season I thought winter may have killed them, to my surprise today I saw some fresh new growth. 

Blueberries like Acidic soils, try to be around a 5.0 pH. Not a problem because my soil is, it also drains very well another thing your going to want. I’ve seen many people who grow these in pots because they can control the conditions more. I just don’t like the looks of that and want a natural feel. I read online that they like full sun so I put them in the center of the yard. Hopefully this will be a nice season for them. 

I have three different varieties and I can’t remember when they fruit. But it’s good to have variety because they fruit at different times, early, mid, and late summer. 

I’ll keep y’all posted on how they do.

Thank you for reading y’all go get growing and eating!