Garden update 7/12/16: production is booming 


Walked into the garden this evening, it’s been a while since I’ve paid much attention to it. My hose timer watering them every morning keeps my work load low! Holy heirloom tomatoes!! I’m yielding baby! 

Go ahead an try to compare home grown to store bought. 

Pictured about is one clustered bed garden, I ran out of cinder blocks but planning to get another pallet next spring. It’s going to get immensely better, other worldly.

More borage flowers than I’ve ever seen, so many bees! Plant some if you never have.

Raspberries producing steady, might be peaking soon.



Heirloom Tomatoe

Raspberries by the cup full each day! Plants growing enormous, going to split them and split them they grow so well here! I want blackberries though, there’s always tomorrow.

Letttus sprouting!

My heirloom pumpkins! I also am battling the rabbits I hope to win, may begin trapping them and relocating them elsewhere. They aren’t that bad though with the dogs around.

Please enjoy


I love you.



Bird in hand chicken – Grand Rapids, Michigan

food, news

Recently checked into the ‘Kitchen 67’ bar and grill in Grand Rapids, MI. Our great watress told me about the recent article proclaiming the ‘Kitchen 67’ to have the best sandwich in America! 

Article Proclaiming Such:

After eating this great sandwich I have decided it is delicious. As I ate I questioned if it Truly was the greatest sandwich in America.

I continued to eat and savour the flavor. Complemented with my sweet potatoe fries it sat there waiting to be eaten.

Bite by bite, sip by sip, I continued to bask in the flavor of Founders Red Rye beer batter. Oh how good it was I could never make something this good.

Complimented with a Perrin Black

If you live near check it, Food freak drive for it, passing by prolly stop try it. That set the bar for chicken sandwich in my book.


kitchen 67 address:

1977 E Beltline Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525

Thanks for reading my food review enjoy tasty eats and drinks y’all!

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Testing your tap water to make sure your city isn’t poisoning you – like Flint Michigan 

news, Winter 2015

Hey y’all I’m sure you have all heard about the Flint water crisis by now. Being that I live 110 miles west I assume it could happen here. The merky brown water I saw them holding was disgusting. I know my waters not that bad but regardless I went online and purchased the test. I’m planning on following up with a lab if results are not good. But over all feeling very optimistic.     

 I’m not saying Grand Rapids is a bad city more like when’s the last time you checked their work? Haha we’ll see how they do. 😉

Jalepeno these tacos are tasty!

Summer 2015

so just like the title says I’m finally starting to reap the benefits of the urban garden! I been making these banging Jalepeno turkey tacos! Tacos are a crowd favorite if you ask me. Plus my turkey healthy and people need that these days what with all the Gmo, polluted waters, chemical fertilizers, chemical hair products, chemical-this, chemical-that. I’m not saying I don’t use chemicals. I’m in love with sugar and fake sugar…and gorge to much. I’m trying to change that.

What ever. what was I talking about?

Here’s some pics:

Getting back to basics, thanks