Cleaning up a winters mess!

Spring 2016

Been out here working and cleaning up the yard. I let it get really bad this winter and finally found some good weather to cleanup! I’d say I have a truckload of junk to goto the dump!    
Birds are happy and Laying!

 Plenty of cleanup to still do, I also have to repair the fense it seems to have shifted from original position. Nothing a few reinforced beams won’t cure.

Everything’s beginning to pop up! I can’t wait to get the garden going! Day Lilly’s and hostas and a few other things are starting to show!


Get out and get dirty

Thanks all


Talking about eggs in December!

Winter 2015

Holy smokes I thought I’d never be getting the kind of eggs I am for this time of year. I was feeling a little broke this week and checked Wednesday for some eggs. Nothing was there, then I checked today which is three days later! And there were 6 eggs !! December has been great weather, practically 60 degrees! Come to Michigan SEE OUR QUALITYS AND LEAVE OUR WATER! Sorry not sorry

Michigan’s sweet shores (Grand Haven, MI)