Cleaning up a winters mess!

Spring 2016

Been out here working and cleaning up the yard. I let it get really bad this winter and finally found some good weather to cleanup! I’d say I have a truckload of junk to goto the dump!    
Birds are happy and Laying!

 Plenty of cleanup to still do, I also have to repair the fense it seems to have shifted from original position. Nothing a few reinforced beams won’t cure.

Everything’s beginning to pop up! I can’t wait to get the garden going! Day Lilly’s and hostas and a few other things are starting to show!


Get out and get dirty

Thanks all


Onions Beginning To Sprout


Theyre coming!!! Thanks to my green house keeping these babys safe at night. we should be getting an early yeild! well see, potatoes are also coming up! Stay tuned more coming soon!!!


onions sprouting

onions begging to sp

Change of thoughts we gotta get in the ground

Summer 2015

Been planning mapping things out and prepping to get the earliest start. Decided to get the onions and potatoes in the ground yesterday! Hoping that the last frost is past, who knows maybe ill be out there tarping them off at night.

plantings below are (left – right) Yellow Onions, White Onions, Red Pontiac Potatoes, and another row of Red Pontiac Potatoes!





Getting exciting!

Also been prepping my chicken coop as Grand Rapids just approved the Chickens for a 2 year trial run! Just pay $50 the first year and $10 every year after. What ever…

stay tuned

Finding garden treasures from ages ago

Summer 2015

Been out back lately really getting work done! While tilling and re-tilling i discovered a patch of buried concrete rubble. Been digging them up and found so many pieces about 15. Got them used as a border really added some needed definition.




They were all level about 9-10 inches deep buried under grass. Really need some more though. we’ll see. I’m trying to get planted but the frosty temps keep me back. I already got 4 lbs of Red Pontiac potato seeds waiting to be planted…

Stay tuned