Video: Red Wiggler Worms working in a Compost Pile

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Hey ever since I started “Lenny’s Worm Farm” ive always been interested in the ways worms play a vital role in gardening. When I started this compost pile a year ago I knew it needed red wigglers, a breed of worm known for its ability to eat and munch on all the good scraps and produce worm castings. I bought 200 and released them hoping for a good turnout. and now I can say I think its happening there are tons of worms in my pile. Oh they just love me ❤

please enjoy this brief video:



Farm Update: it’s cold and heavy snow 3/1/16

chicken coop, fauna, Winter 2015

Eh yoo we got blasted all today with about 6 inches of heavy wet snow. Cleared a nice path to the chicken coop which has been surprisingly yielding well. My to hens the best. Can’t wait for summer though they really need a new fresh coop:)  

 My pup will run and frolic through the snow chasing her bone! She’s too good to me, no back talk non of that! 

Supposed to be 60 F next week so that sounds pleasant. My birds in the coop loving it! Nice heat lamp and hay to roast they tushes. 

Looking into coop designs where I can enjoy beauty of watching egg laying creatures, but where my pups can’t. If you guys have any ideas let me know, I got two naughty hounds who’d love to feast. 

Enjoy yours