Big yeilds! Forever growing!


Hey I gots some new for y’all! Would you look at that pumpkin. Each day it grows more and more, I keep going out and checking on it. Loving it, and hugging it. Oneday that pumpkins going to be shown off, pride and joy. Displayed on the stoop for all to see. That wittle pumpkin started from seed in my closet way back in may.

Would you enjoy wave petunias slightly blowing as your read your book and sip your coffee? Or tea I know some of you probably like that🌾🐿🎃

Grab a green tomatoe an flour it up and fry in some peanut oil:? Oh the savory fried flesh of a green tomatoe with breaded crust.

Pick some tomatoes:? 

Heirloom to be exact.

Sweet red peppers sautéed and tossed in some velveeta cheese, maybe a splash of salsa?:

Go on now get your garden Growing! Enjoy with some company – Give away your extras. Teach your friends and family. Watching things grow from seed to produce is the most rewarding. Then from produce to dinner with a touch of house grown what ever! 

Please enjoy 

Keep smiling 



Garden update 7/12/16: production is booming 


Walked into the garden this evening, it’s been a while since I’ve paid much attention to it. My hose timer watering them every morning keeps my work load low! Holy heirloom tomatoes!! I’m yielding baby! 

Go ahead an try to compare home grown to store bought. 

Pictured about is one clustered bed garden, I ran out of cinder blocks but planning to get another pallet next spring. It’s going to get immensely better, other worldly.

More borage flowers than I’ve ever seen, so many bees! Plant some if you never have.

Raspberries producing steady, might be peaking soon.



Heirloom Tomatoe

Raspberries by the cup full each day! Plants growing enormous, going to split them and split them they grow so well here! I want blackberries though, there’s always tomorrow.

Letttus sprouting!

My heirloom pumpkins! I also am battling the rabbits I hope to win, may begin trapping them and relocating them elsewhere. They aren’t that bad though with the dogs around.

Please enjoy


I love you.


Garden update 5/25/16


Things are going swell I truly believe Summer’s here now, my girl loves sand baths in the summers sun. Her and I have been plugging away! Pay days this week so I’m hoping to get a lot more plants installed. 

One of my followers reccomended reaching out to a tree service company for free mulch. It just so happens my neighbor owns a company hat does that. He’s always hauling a big chipper with him. I went to chat with him yesterday and he said some time this week or next hes going to give me a whole trailer full! It’s not the decrotive mulch with dyes and what not. It’s the natural! I’m so hype once I get that spread you all just wait!

Pictured above is my herb box, cilantro and basil doing good! Parsley is in there somewhere too. I didn’t know this but cilantro will begin to flower and seed and the seeds are actually a different spice. The seeds are called coriander, I had no idea hahahah!! Please share anything you think of as I’m new to this whole thing too!
Please enjoy stay swift and be easy baby.


Garden update 5/19/16

chicken coop, garden

Had some cold weather lately covered them on the bad night but last night it was 40 degrees. that’s a big change from my closet inside that i had at 70 degrees. unfortanatly i may be buying more plants here, i do believe we are through the cold temps though. Ill begin ammending my soil soon here, as you can see its not the best looking stuff.

I love my new walls and the dogs love wrestling on them:)

There’s my little egg makers:) steady 2 eggs a day with the hardest shells. I feed them corn and chicken layer feed mix. Soon I’ll try cracked corn because I’ve noticed they aren’t eating the whole corn. Lil buggers.

Fauna moseyed on down to the grand river the other day for a small dip. She’s alright ❤

Stay tuned baby

Garden Update Video 4/24/16

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Hey all here’s a little something i put together to help you view what i’m working with.

The coop is built with 4X4’s and then some scrap 2X6’s and scrap 2X3’s. all the walls are scraps and pieces ive accumilated along the road and from other jobs. so far the paint seems nice but im going to put shingle roof on it soon.


Onions Beginning To Sprout


Theyre coming!!! Thanks to my green house keeping these babys safe at night. we should be getting an early yeild! well see, potatoes are also coming up! Stay tuned more coming soon!!!


onions sprouting

onions begging to sp