Getting shut down by the city. 


Hey all just wanted to let you all know my chickens will be leaving. They are heading to a new home of which I’m not sure yet… I received a letter saying that someone complained I have “more than 6 chickens”. I’ve only had 2 chickens the whole time… On top of that they say that my chickens aren’t registered. 

She says she has a date planned to come through the backyard. I don’t think it works with my schedule. She said she’ll take pictures over my fence, or from a neighbors deck into my yard. 

She said if the coops is there or the feed, she will issue a ticket. I’m getting rid of the birds but I believe it’s not illegal to have garden art.

I don’t know who would state such untrue statements. I don’t want to make my neighbors upset. I just wish whoever complained would’ve confronted me. I would get rid of them promptly. I just want to know the real reason. I would never want my neighbors upset… 

Pictured above is a pumpkin!!!

Say goodbye to my birds. I will get sculptures of chickens to replace them. That structure isn’t going anywhere, it’s garden art and functional art I plan to store tools inside:) 

Stay tuned and stay happy



When the garden pays off


Please enjoy this picture of this breakfast bagel. It seems like every day now that winters pasted in able to enjoy something good from out back. Raspberrys are kicking off great, I just wish I had more:( if I as year by year though I’ll have a nice patch. 

My mulberry trees which I cut so short last spring may finally be paying off too. I cut them down to 4 feet post and that shot up tons of shooters. I’m optimistic that I didn’t stunt the tree to much and hoping to get some berrys at ground level this year. 

Otherwise my musical birds get to them before me… They also sell avion nets that help keep them lil buggers off. I may purchase some as they have good reviews on Amazon.