Video: Red Wiggler Worms working in a Compost Pile

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Hey ever since I started “Lenny’s Worm Farm” ive always been interested in the ways worms play a vital role in gardening. When I started this compost pile a year ago I knew it needed red wigglers, a breed of worm known for its ability to eat and munch on all the good scraps and produce worm castings. I bought 200 and released them hoping for a good turnout. and now I can say I think its happening there are tons of worms in my pile. Oh they just love me ❤

please enjoy this brief video:



Compost is composting as planned should be good year!

Compost Pile, Spring 2016

Hey all so o started this compost pile a year ago, since then my roommate and I have been filling it with all sorts of goodness! I grab scrap from work as well, crazy all the recylcling you can do.

Really is looking good I pulled the corn husk a side for a secondary pile, because it just wasn’t working with them mixed in. You’ll want to turn the pile fairly often an let it sit fairly often. Very good microbes going on in there going to really help boost my plants.

Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm 500 Count Red Wiggler Live Composting Worms

The red wigglers I released are doing well! And starting to multiply. Redwigglers are a breed of worm that produces worm castings the fasted! They lay cocoons lil egg things that hatch into three worms! They breed and breed and keep making Rich fertile castings.


Wow almost all the pumpkins from last fall have completely disappeared. Only to reappear as delicious fertile soil!